Zetes Cards

"Our solution helps Zetes cards to optimize and coordinate hundreds of deliveries every day"

The client

Zetes cards, a division of the Zetes group, specialises in the production of cards for a diverse array of applications. From payment to identification, Zetes produces cards with a wide variety of technologies. Zetes has a strong focus on fast service without sacrificing quality by continuously investing in new technology.

The case

For Zetes Cards we developed a solution which optimizes the production and delivery of official documents. A welcome help, becauseZetes Cards performs over 700 deliveries every 2 days to be in line with the SLA requirements.

The dispatch tool prepares an optimized planning of the deliveries of multiple documents (ID cards, passports, and drivers licenses) which is converted into an operational planning afterwards. The production of the documents is triggered by the dispatch tool. The optimization algorithm takes into account the opening hours of communes as well as the holiday periods and closing days as well as SLA (whether a delivery is urgent or following a standard lead-time)

We developed a tailor-made interface which visualizes the planning and allows manual planning input. This software uses the advantage of desktop development to provide full flexibility on dragging the multiple information fields in whatever way suits the user best. In the picture below you will see the preferred setup by one of the users where some boxes are grouped onto one screen and another is even dragged across two screens to review as much information as the planner finds necessary. The following screenshots shows the forecast planning, the operational and then the detailed planning review.

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