"Freebility developed a fully integrated solution covering planning, route optimisation and digital ordering"

The client

Watergenius is a business specialised in filtering and recycling water for a wide number of applications for both consumers and businesses. As part of their mission, Watergenius employs a number of mobile technicians who are responsible for installing and maintaining the solutions Watergenius offers.

The case

The goal of the project was focused on minimising the amount of time technicians have to spend between assignments to maximise the amount of assignments per day for each technician. This is once again one of the most common optimisation needs for field service activities: replacing lost time with value adding activities.

The unique challenges of the Watergenius case were the large number of types of activities that needed to be planned, the sectors that needed to be coded since groups of technicians are responsible for their own regions and the certainty that assignments were completed withing the time window client agreements.

The configuration and parametrisation of the planning and route optimisation tool for Watergenius takes the following elements and rules into account:

  • The start- and end destination of each technician’s workday
  • The available time in a single workday
  • The average time a technician needs based on the type of assignment
  • The division of sectors based on postal codes
  • The number of assignments that need to be planned
  • Vacation and sickness
  • Urgent requests
  • Unforeseen circumstances and emergencies
  • Clients not being present on location or cancellations

Besides building the actual planning tool, Freebility also fully integrated the solution into the existing IT infrastructure at Watergenius. Additionally, we also made use of Geo-optimised planning and developed a digital order form to allow clients to easily plan an appointment. Finally, all daily navigation and routing instructions were automatically passed to the technicians on their Garmin navigation devices.

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