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How can I determine the ROI of your solutions?

Making a good business case for our solutions is important to us, which is why we always assist in determining the ROI. Though the business case of course differs from client to client, it usually boils down to either saving time or mileage. Whether it’s saving time through reducing administrative load or by optimising the routes of your mobile teams, saving time not only means saving costs, but also faster response times, happier employees and more satisfied customers. Don’t forget it’s not only about costs but also increasing customer satisfaction and making your company ready for growth.

How do I get more out of my technical teams?

The best and obvious way to get the most out of your technical teams is to maximise the amount of time spent on technical assignments. The first target to achieve this is to reduce the administrative load on your teams. Through digital solutions, your teams could be using a single application to order parts, get customer information or look up product info instead of hauling around stacks of papers for every task. Reducing time on the road is a second target. By using intelligent planning software, teams can be dispatched more efficiently, saving time for technical interventions. This not only increases customer satisfaction through lower waiting times, but also increases employee happiness by allowing them to focus on their expertise area.

How do I manage my mobile employees from the backoffice?

At Freebility we know what a challenge it can be to manage several mobile teams from a central location. Planning & dispatching, dealing with last minute changes or absentees, dividing assignments between available resources and communicating changes to mobile teams, all challenges that our clients have to face on a day-to-day basis. Dealing with these situations is exactly our expertise. Our digital solutions can help with planning and dispatching, both in the backoffice and in the field by making sure your mobile teams are always up to date with the latest information.

How do I reduce my Time to Plan?

As mentioned before, planning can be a difficult task, especially for growing teams. The list of variables to take into account is almost endless: equipment levels, language proficiency, work schedules, geographical location, customer SLA’s, the list goes on. On top of that, you must always be prepared to deal with last-minute unexpected changes. At Freebility, we understand this problem all too well, but we also understand that the complex job of a planner cannot simply be replaced. This is why we build planning software meant to assist the human planners, not replace them. The planner remains in charge, but our software provides suggestions and continually checks for conflicts. This way, we increase the speed of planning, but retain the flexibility and expertise of your human planners.

Can I reduce my average Cost to Repair?

The best way to reduce the Cost to Repair is to ensure that your teams only need to intervene once. Sounds easy enough, but this involves assigning each job to the person/team with the right skills and equipment and making sure that your technician has all the required information beforehand. Thanks to smart planning software and mobile applications synced with the backoffice, these challenges are solved automatically. Additionally, your mobile teams can also use their applications to look up client history or technical manuals, further increasing their efficiency.

Can you integrate your solutions with my ERP/TMS/WMS?

“Integration & Modular approach” isn’t listed on our Expertise page for nothing! Freebility strongly believes that our solutions can only shine when they are properly integrated with the rest of your IT infrastructure. From SAP to Microsoft Navision or even A S400, Freebility employs a wide range of technology experts who will ensure that our solutions fit your organisation like a glove!

How does a collaboration with Freebility begin?

In our experience, the most important factor contributing to a successful project is how well it is integrated with both the users and wider infrastructure of our clients. This is why we usually start with a workshop to determine the needs of all stakeholders, followed by a prototype to validate assumptions and get valuable user feedback. Finally, from day one we like to involve the end users of our applications to really understand their needs while designing our solutions.

How do I know Freebility is the right fit for my company?

Though we hope the rest of our website has already convinced you of this fact, we are not your average software developer! Freebility specialises in making cloud solutions for businesses with people on the move. Our expertise ranges from developing software for planning & dispatching to making sure our UI’s are usable by people in technical gear. In short, if you are looking for a partner that really understands your needs as a company managing people on the move, look no further than Freebility!

What kinds of mobile devices can I equip my mobile teams with?

Your teams might need to work in challenging conditions, so it’s important that their mobile devices are up to the task! Which is why we have a lot of experience with so-called ruggedized devices, like Panasonic thoughbooks or ruggedized Samsung tablets. These devices are built specifically to handle the kinds of environments your technicians might face on a daily basis and are therefore dust- and water-resistant and able to survive moderate drops. Additionally, we can also provide specialised hardware like scanners, or navigation devices for trucks or other heavy equipment. Need something special? Thanks to our collaboration with Aptus & Suivo, we are able to design and deliver custom IoT equipment.

Do you offer Track&Trace solutions?

At Freebility we offer ‘pure’ Track&Trace solutions through our partner Suivo as we’re certified integrators of the Suivo platform. We also frequently combine data from the Track&Trace system with other data to bring additional value for you. For instance, Track&Trace devices could be a crucial component in an activity tracking application. This kind of application could, for example, keep track of how often and/or long a certain vehicle has visited a client location, allowing for automatic registration and billing of vehicle use.

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